"I couldn’t have you in this life," she sad, trying to smile through the tears. "But I like to think that in another life, it would’ve worked out."

He looked at her sympathetically, almost as if that were enough to make him stay with her. But she knew in the end, he didn’t love her, and he didn’t feel the chemistry she did whenever she was around him.

Another tear slipping from her eyes made him snap out of his thoughts. If he didn’t love her, why did it hurt so much to see her like this?

"It would’ve worked out, right? We would’ve been okay? In another life, you would’ve stayed?" Her voice was broken and the begging to know the answer was insufferable.

It wasn’t possible to bear watching her sob like that, and all because of him. Why didn’t he love her? Why couldn’t he? She was offering him her world and he was too selfish to take it, because he wanted other worlds too.

"We would’ve been perfect," he leaned in and whispered, kissing her forehead. "In another life, we would’ve had everything and nobody would’ve been able to stop us."

And that was the most painful goodbye she had ever had to go through. Knowing that loving him wasn’t enough, knowing that maybe, in another life, she wouldn’t have had him either.

In another life, I would make you stay… (via itzonlyyoubabe)

When I was younger,
I believed if your heart
was broken you needed
to find someone to heal it.

Then, I realized your heart
can only be broken & healed
by one person: you.

You break your own heart
everyday when you deprive it
of your own love, thinking you
have to wait for the love from
another to feel complete.

You heal it by giving love to
yourself & not needing to
receive love before you can
feel complete, whole, loved.